Other benefits

Care for women

Women have special health needs. To help you get the care you need, we cover:

  • Family planning. You don't need a referral
  • Pregnancy testing
  • Birth control and birth control counseling
  • HIV testing and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases
  • Pregnancy and maternity care
  • Prenatal and postpartum care
  • Midwife services in a health care setting
  • Delivery care
  • Mammograms and breast cancer services
  • Pap tests

Care for children and teens

The health care children and teens get shapes their adult health habits. To help someone younger than age 21 to be as healthy as he or she can be, we also cover:

  • Regular well visits and follow-up care
  • Physical exams and developmental screening
  • Childhood vaccines
  • Testing for lead exposure
  • Services you may get at Child and Adolescent Health Centers
  • Early Periodic Screening Diagnosis and Treatment program services
  • Hearing exams and hearing aids
  • Eye exams and glasses
  • Oral health screening and fluoride treatment


We understand there may be times when you need a ride to your doctor’s office, to pick up a prescription or for other covered medical services. We can help you get there.

For more information about transportation or to schedule a ride, visit our transportation page.


Blue Cross Complete members are eligible for pharmacy benefits. Pharmacy benefits can be used to fill select prescription and over-the-counter medicines at a participating network pharmacy. Visit the pharmacy page for an in-depth look at your pharmacy benefits.