Hearing exams and hearing aid evaluations are available from a network provider. We cover the purchase and fitting of hearing aids, including batteries.

After your hearing exam, if the doctor recommends you get a hearing aid, here's what we cover:

  • Hearing aid exam to evaluate what type or brand of hearing aid you need.
  • One single hearing aid unit (or one per ear if medically necessary). This includes earphone (receiver or oscillator), ear mold, necessary cords, tubing and connections. The hearing aid unit must be a conventional amplification device. It must also be an in-the-ear, behind-the-ear or on-the-body type and identified as basic to your hearing requirements.
  • Fitting of the hearing aid including one follow-up visit to evaluate its performance and to determine its conformance to prescription.
  • Batteries, maintenance and repair for hearing aids.

We pay for a conventional hearing aid. If you'd prefer to have an upgraded hearing aid, that's possible — you'd just have to pay the difference in cost.