The chart below shows the copayments for Healthy Michigan Plan beneficiaries. 

Your copay amounts are sent to you through your MI Health account. Every three months you will get a MI Health bill. Your doctor's office can tell you which copay amount will appear on your MI Health statements.


Copay amount:
Income less than or equal to 100% of the FPL

Copay amount:
Income more than 100% of the FPL

Physician office visit (including freestanding urgent care centers)

$2 $4

$1 preferred
$3 non-preferred

$4 preferred
$8 non-preferred

Vision care visit

$2 $2

Dental care visit



Hearing aids

$3 per aid

$3 per aid

Chiropractic visit

$1 $3

Podiatry visit

$2 $4
Emergency room visit for non-emergencies (no copay for emergency services) $3 $8

Outpatient hospital visit

$1 $4

Inpatient hospital visit (doesn't apply to emergent admissions)

$50 $100
The following groups are exempt from copay requirements:
  • Beneficiaries under age 21
  • Individuals residing in a nursing facility
  • Individuals receiving hospice care
  • Native Americans and Alaskan Natives consistent with Federal regulations at 42 CFR 447.56(a)(1)(x)
  • Beneficiaries dually eligible for Healthy Michigan Plan and Children’s Special Health Care Services

There are no copays for:

  • Emergency services
  • Family planning products or services
  • Any pregnancy-related products or services or if you're pregnant
  • Services related to preventive care
  • Services related to chronic conditions, such as heart disease and diabetes
  • Services received at a federally qualified health center, rural health clinics or tribal health centers
  • Mental health specialty services and supports provided and paid through the Prepaid Inpatient Health Plan and Community Mental Health Services Program
  • Mental health services provided through state psychiatric hospitals, the state Developmental Disabilities Center and the Center for Forensic Psychiatry
  • Services related to program-specific chronic conditions. A list of these conditions can be found online at*.