Self-Service Tools

Blue Cross Complete of Michigan's self-service tools are valuable resources that can assist you in providing the highest quality of care to our members.

Provider directories


Doctor directory

Find a participating doctor.

Pharmacy directory

Find a participating pharmacy.

Drug formulary

A comprehensive drug list for Blue Cross Complete can be accessed and reviewed in two ways:


Preferred drug list

A printable version is available by clicking the Preferred Drug List (PDF) .

Online drug list

A searchable version is available by searching our online drug list.

The searchable version of the drug list provides additional details regarding quantity limits, prior authorizations or other coverage details not available on the printable version. This includes guidance for obtaining specialty medications.

Healthcare common procedure coding system medications 

A prior authorization for healthcare common procedure coding system medications is required before they are covered by Blue Cross Complete. For a list of HCPCS codes that require prior authorization click here .

Prior authorization

Some medicines require prior authorization by Blue Cross Complete. Submit a prior authorization request using one of the following forms:

You must submit a request for a prior authorization for your patient. You must also submit an override of a drug restriction. Request from pharmacies aren't accepted.  

Pharmacy billing

The electronic processing of retail pharmacy claims requires a NCPDP processor ID number, also known as a BIN, and a processor control number, or a PCN, for plan identification. Blue Cross Complete's D.0 Payer Sheet (PDF) contains our BIN (600428), PCN (06210000), member services number, field definitions and other helpful information for pharmacy claim billing and rebilling.


By logging on to the Blue Cross Complete payer-provider portal Navinet, you have the opportunity to:

  • Receive news alerts in real time
  • View Blue Cross Complete member information
  • Submit authorization requests
  • View gaps in care reports 
  • Check the status of claims

Visit NaviNet Basics if you have not yet enrolled or would like more information.